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Norwegian Flights Booking


Norwegian Air Shuttle could be a cheap carrier that uses the "Norwegian" brand and relies within the capital town of Oslo, Norway. The airline offers a high-frequency flight schedule among Scandinavia and Finland, and to business destinations like London, furthermore on vacation destinations within the Mediterranean and also the island.   Norwegian Air Shuttle was supported in 1993 and is that the third largest cheap carrier in Europe and operates over 400 routes to over 130 destinations. Norwegian's fleet consists of 737s, A320s and 787-9 Dream liners. Norwegian's fleet is well identifiable because of its distinctive airline livery of 'tail fin heroes'. every craft options a noted Scandinavian or British icon on the tail fin.

Norwegian Hub landing field

Oslo landing field Gardermoen Oslo landing field is that the biggest landing field serving the capital of Norway, Oslo. Capital of Norway landing field is a global and domestic hub for a over plus of airlines and a getaway for travel. Also, it's a hub for the key airline SAS and it's a busy landing field within the Nordic countries. Airlines that fly from and to Oslo landing field embrace BMI regional, Emirates, British Airways and tap. Air Canada Hub landing field Air Canada relies at city International landing field that offers non-stop flights to major cities in Canada, us andLatin America. The landing field a hub for WestJet and WestJet Encoreand also a secondary hub for Pacific Coastal Airlines. Ithas 4 runways and might handle nearly 16 million passengers a year. Norwegian currently offers cheap flights to seven U.S. destinations from the united kingdom –
  • New York,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Boston,
  • San Francisco city,
  • Orlando,
  • Fort Lauderdale and
  • Puerto law.
Norwegian flies to many destinations including
  • Salzburg,
  • Vienna,
  • Sarajevo,
  • Burgas,
  • Varna,
  • Dubrovnik,
  • Pula,
  • Rijeka,
  • Prague,
  • Aalborg,
  • Billund,
  • Copenhagen,
  • Ronne,
  • Karup,
  • Tallinn,
  • Helskini,
  • Ivalo,
  • Kittila,
  • Oulu,
  • Turku,
  • Vaasa,
  • Nice,
  • Montpellier,
  • Athens,
  • Cephalonia,
  • Chania,
  • Heraklion,
  • Corfu,
  • Rhodes,
  • Pointe-a-Pitre and many others.
Norwegian now also operates long-haul destinations including
  • Bangkok,
  • London,
  • New York and
  • Miami.

Norwegian Popular Routes

  • Malmo to London
  • Copenhagen to Karup
  • Stockholm to New York
  • Copenhagen to London
  • Stockholm to Copenhagen
  • Amsterdam to Copenhagen

Norwegian Fleet

  • Airbus A320 neo
  • Boeing 737-800
  • Boeing 737 MAX 8

Norwegian Inflight recreation

Norwegian provides passengers with variety of how to remain diverted throughout their flight. Most flights inside Europe will be equipped with WiFi, permitting customers to attach to their video on demand service. They even have a progressive entertainment system that permits passengers to look at a variety of films and television shows in addition as searching for a variety of information concerning their journey.

Norwegian TV

Passengers flying long-haul on Norwegian's 787 Dreamliner can have access to the airline's progressive recreation system engineered into the seat before of them.

Norwegian Movies

Norwegian provides passengers with a various vary of films. From animated youngsters films to heart-warming rom-coms, passengers will haven't any hassle finding films to assist them pass the time on their Norwegian flight. to stay the choice recent, the movies on provide are frequently updated with new-releases and up to date blockbusters.

Norwegian WiFi

Stay to bear with WiFi on Norwegian flights. Norwegian provide WiFi on most flights at intervals Europe and on flights move between the us and therefore the Caribbean. Once the plane has kicked off and electronic devices are safe to use outside of plane mode, explore for 'Norwegian net Access' on your mobile, tablet, laptop, or whichever device you are mistreatment. Once you're connected to Norwegian WiFi, use Norwegian's On Demand Service on your electronic device!

Norwegian WiFi isn't yet accessible on international long-haul flights.

Norwegian Food

Norwegian Meal choices

Norwegian provide food and drink services on board their planes. This service depends on your flight, and is split into International end of the day and every one different Flights. International end of the day Flights: Economy passengers (LowFare+ and Flex tickets) receive a complimentary meal as well as a 3 course meal and a snack. Passengers with a LowFare price ticket should buy this service for 25 GBP per person, per flight. For all Premium passengers, a 3 course meal is enclosed, additionally to a light meal and a sweet treat. there's additionally snacks accessible to purchase on board.

All different Flights: Passengers will pre-order hot meals for flights between Stockholm, Alicante, Cyprus and port. Snacks can also be purchased on board.

Norwegian Special Dietary needs

Norwegian provide alternatives for passengers with special dietary needs. Contact the airline directly before you travel to arrange a special meal.

Norwegian Drinks & Alcohol

International end of the day Flights: All passengers receive a complimentary drink, as well as brew, wine or water. further soft drinks and alcoholic drinks may be purchased on board.

All different Flights: Passengers should buy non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks on board.

Norwegian Baggage Allowances

Carry-on Baggage

Norwegian additionally provide passengers to bring one carry-on bag within the cabin freed from charge. this is often restricted to ten kilo for LowFare, LowFare+, Premium and to 15kg for Flex and PremiumFlex. in addition, passengers canbring one tiny personal item on board.

Checked Baggage

For checked baggage, all flights (excluding long haul)no luggage are enclosed for LowFare, one bag of up to 20kg for LowFare + Flex Fare.

For International flights, no luggage are enclosed in LowFare, one checked bag of 20kg is allowed for LowFare+ and Flex, Premium and PremiumFlex passengers are allowed twobags of 20 kilo per bag.

Norwegian Checked Baggage costs

Checked baggage costs can rely entirely on the route flown, whether or not the flight is direct and what time of the year the flight is flown in.

Norwegian-Airlines Arrival

Online arrival

You can sign up to most Norwegian flights on-line 24 hours before your scheduled  flight time. Visit our on-line arrival page, click on the Norwegian emblem and follow the directions to arrival.

Airport arrival

You can arrival at the airdrome for Norwegian flights by either mistreatment the Norwegian arrival counter or mistreatment Norwegian's self-service arrival kiosks. If you propose to arrival at the airfield, you need to arrival a minimum of one hour before your scheduled flight time.

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